To achieve its overall aim, SEMIoTICS will undertake research and development activities driven by the following objectives:

  • Objective 1: Development of patterns for orchestration of smart objects and IoT platform enablers in IoT applications with guaranteed security, privacy, dependability and interoperability (SPDI) properties.
  • Objective 2: Development of semantic interoperability mechanisms for smart objects, networks and IoT platforms.
  • Objective 3: Development of dynamically and self-adaptable monitoring mechanisms supporting integrated and predictive monitoring of smart objects of all layers of the IoT implementation stack in a scalable manner.
  • Objective 4: Development of core mechanisms for multi-layered embedded intelligence, IoT application adaptation, learning and evolution, and end-to-end security, privacy, accountability and user control.
  • Objective 5: Development of IoT-aware programmable networking capabilities, based on adaptation and SDN orchestration.
  • Objective 6: Development of a reference prototype of the SEMIoTICS open architecture, demonstrated and evaluated in both IIoT (renewable energy) and IoT (healthcare), as well as in a horizontal use case bridging the two landscapes (smart sensing), and delivery of the respective open API.
  • Objective 7: Promote the adoption of EU technology offerings internationally.