SEMIoTICS will target three IoT application scenarios: two verticals in the areas of energy and health care and one horizontal in the areas of intelligent sensing. These scenarios have been selected since they involve: (a) different and heterogeneous types of smart objects (i.e., sensors, smart devices, actuators) and software components; (b) different vertical and horizontal IoT platforms; and (c) different types of SPDI requirements. Due to these dimensions of variability, our scenarios provide comprehensive coverage of technical issues, which should be accounted for in developing the SEMIoTICS approach and infrastructure, and to this end provide an effective way for driving the R&D work programme of SEMIoTICS and evaluating and demonstrating its outcomes. In the following, we summarize the main features of these scenarios, noting that the IoT pilot applications that will be developed to realize them in SEMIoTICS will rely on a more detailed analysis of the requirements associated with them, which will be undertaken in the course of the project.

The 3 IoT application scenarios targeted are:

  • Usage scenario 1: Wind Energy
  • Usage scenario 2: Healthcare
  • Usage scenario 3: Smart sensing