All project public deliverables can be found in the Cordis website

D2.1Analysis of IoT value drivers
D2.2SEMIoTICS usage scenarios and requirements
D2.3 Requirements specification of SEMIoTICS framework
D2.4SEMIoTICS high level architecture (first draft)
D2.5SEMIoTICS high level architecture (final)
D3.1Software defined programmibilty for IoT devices (first draft)
D3.2Network Functions Virtualization for IoT (1st draft)
D3.3Bootstrapping and interfacing SEMIoTICS field level devices (1st draft)
D3.4Network-level Semantic Interoperability (first draft)
D3.5Field-level middleware & networking toolbox (first draft)
D3.6Field-level middleware & networking toolbox (second draft)
D3.7Software defined programmability for IoT devices (final)
D3.8Network Functions Virtualization for IoT (final)
D3.9Bootstrapping and interfacing SEMIoTICS field level devices (final)
D3.10Network-level Semantic Interoperability (final)
D3.11Field-level middleware & networking toolbox (final)
D4.1SEMIoTICS SPDI Patterns (first draft)
D4.2SEMIoTICS Monitoring, prediction and diagnosis mechanisms (first draft)
D4.3Embedded Intelligence and local analytics (first draft)
D4.4Semantic interoperability mechanisms for IoT (first draft)
D4.5SEMIoTICS Security and privacy mechanisms (first draft)
D4.6Implementation of SEMIoTICS BackEnd API (Cycle 1)
D4.7Implementation of SEMIoTICS BackEnd API (Cycle 2)
D4.8SEMIoTICS SPDI Patterns (final)
D4.9SEMIoTICS Monitoring, prediction and diagnosis mechanisms (final)
D4.10Embedded Intelligence and local analytics (final)
D4.11Semantic interoperability mechanisms for IoT (final)
D4.12SEMIoTICS Security and privacy mechanisms (final)
D4.13Implementation of SEMIoTICS BackEnd API (Final Cycle)
D5.1SEMIoTICS KPIs and Evaluation Methodology
D5.2Software system integration (Cycle 1)
D5.3IIoT Infrastructure set-up and testing (Cycle 1)
D5.4Demonstration and validation of IWPC-Energy (Cycle 1)
D5.5Demonstration and validation of SARA-Health (Cycle 1)
D5.6Demonstration and validation of IHES-Generic IoT (Cycle 1)
D5.7Software system integration (Cycle 2)
D5.8IIoT Infrastructure set-up and testing (Cycle 2)
D5.9Demonstration and validation of IWPC-Energy (Cycle 2)
D5.10Demonstration and validation of SARA-Health (Cycle 2)
D5.11Demonstration and validation of IHES-Generic IoT (Cycle 2)