The consortium of SEMIoTICS is very carefully chosen so that it can ignite and foster a European IoT ecosystem. It includes three top European enterprises, namely SIEMENS, which is the largest manufacturing and electronics company in Europe, STMICROELECTRONICS, Europe’s largest semiconductor chip maker based on revenue, and ENGINEERING, an IT service management company among the top 10 IT groups in Europe. It also includes three highly innovative SMEs working in key IoT areas, including software solutions and cloud computing (BLUESOFT from Poland), machine learning and cybersecurity (SPHYNX from Switzerland) and IoT systems and networks (IQUADRAT from Spain). The business partners are complemented by three academic organizations (FORTH, CTTC and UNIVERSITY OF PASSAU) providing targeted key research input. The consortium is balanced in terms of:

  • Type of partners, i.e. three large enterprises, three SMEs and three academic partners
  • Partner expertise and involvement with regards to SEMIoTICS SoTA and involvement as depicted in Figure 19. Circles represent expertise whereas hexagons invovlment.
  • Platforms, tools and competences they bring to the consortium
  • Standardization and dissemination activities
  • Geographical distribution, i.e. nine partners coming from six European countries.

Further on, the advisory committee will ensure that input from neutral external experts is available to the consortium, and will also help with the dissemination of the results from SEMIoTICS to a wider community.

Participant No Participant organization name Short Name Country
1 Siemens AG SAG DE
2 Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas FORTH GR
3 Centre Tecnologic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya CTTC ES
4 Sphynx Technology Solutions AG STS CH
5 Engineering, Ingegneria Informatica SPA ENG IT
6 STMicroelectronics Srl ST IT
7 University of Passau UP DE
8 BlueSoft Sp. z o.o. BS PL
9 Iquadrat Informatica S.L. IQU ES
10 Bjerke Wind-consult APS BWC DK